Learning UX Design with the Interaction Design Foundation — a review

Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does. David Carson’s quote

My background

As far as I remember, since I have a computer (about 20 years), I have been interested in digital creation. Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Flash have been my companions for many nights.

GIF animation (Jim Carrey typing nervously on a keyboard)

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) an obviousness

After some research on GOOGLE, the IxDF platform quickly seemed to be a perfect choice. The courses’ content corresponds perfectly to my needs. For anyone who has ever been interested in Design, the speakers’ names obviously make sense and show the courses’ seriousness.

GIF animation (infinite loop. Zoom on a Mac laptop)

How it works

Once registered for a course, there is no time limit to complete it in one day or a year. It doesn’t matter. Flexibility also means you can take several courses at the same time, without any limits.

  • Interaction design courses
  • User Experience courses
  • UX Design courses
List of thematics available on Interactive design foundation

Course description

The Lessons provide two types of content: Text and video.
Chapters and subchapters compose a course.

Screenshot of a video lesson on IxDF. Frank Spiller presenting
Achievement progress bar with milestones 70, 90, 100%

My certificates

To date, I have completed seven courses and received seven certificates validated on Linkedin:

  • Mobile User Experience (UX) Design (very interested in the marketing aspects)
  • Gamification — Creating Addictive User Experiences (many keys to engage users and ensure retention)
  • How to Design for Augmented and Virtual Reality (since several years AR/VR are in use, and even more so today with Covid crisis, very great insights about usability)
  • Design Thinking: The Beginner’s Guide (no need to explain, very, very, very useful)
  • UX Management: Strategy and Tactics (as a project manager, this course is essential, and provide necessary knowledge for using UX as a core in a company, manage the product roadmap, measuring performance)
  • Accessibility: How to Design for All (a must-have for those who want to design for accessibility)
  • Get Your Product Used: Adoption and Appropriation (my first course, with key concepts about user experience, useful, usability, product development)
View on all the certificats I earn.

Additional contents

The site also offers the ability to download templates of all kinds:
Design thinking, personas, user research, brainstorm, journey map, empathy map Etc. It is beneficial when you don’t know where to start or save time preparing your user research or design thinking sessions.

Sample vue of ready-to-use template
Screenshot of available topics


In short, IxDF allowed me to consolidate my empirical knowledge, validate some of it, and learn many others, at my own pace, without pressure, without ruining myself.
This site has helped me and continues to help me: about fifteen more courses to finish, still a little more patience.
All I wish you to do is register and immerse yourself in these exciting courses and subjects.



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